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Title: The Stranding
Rating: G
Series: Books of the Raksura (original characters)
Wordcount: 1406
Summary: Ivory Smoke hunters make an unusual find in the suspended forest, and Fortune's clutch gets involved.
Remarks: WIP, but tossing what I have up here for the others since it may be a while before I have a chance to finish. More Ivory Smoke whatnot.

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Title: Night Walking
Rating: PG
Series: Fallout New Vegas AU (original characters)
Wordcount: 1156
Summary: Modern high school AU, mostly because Why Bloody Not. The working title was 'useless lesbians'.
Remarks: This is ju-u-ust shy of completion, but it might as well be stored here in the meantime. Vivian is Kris' in perpetuity, and Ryker is Gray's.

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the spare

Dec. 16th, 2015 08:28 pm
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Title: The Spare
Rating: PG
Series: Fallout New Vegas ('courier faction' original characters)
Wordcount: 1128
Remarks: This was mostly an exercise in getting a handle on a new character (back in '14), for which I borrowed Wyn and Bryn from other members of the writing group. First impressions are so important.

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Title: The Traveller
Rating: G
Series: His Dark Materials / According to Plan
Wordcount: 1563
Warnings: Totally lacking in accurate knowledge of American colonial history?
Summary: In which Andrew is a perpetual hitchhiker.
Remarks: I recently re-read - in fact just finished re-reading as of this morning - Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, and it gave me a bee in my bonnet that ended with me turning to my favourite cast of characters for gratuitous crossovers. Not quite completed, but not likely to get any more so. Andrew/Jester is mine; Nigel/Secateur is Quixote's. The dæmons are a kittiwake and an addax.

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