Dec. 1st, 2013 08:19 pm
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Title: Recovered
Rating: PG 13+
Series: Red Vs Blue (Washington, York, Wyoming) / His Dark Materials
Wordcount: 3770
Summary: A re-telling of the first episode of Recovery One, as set in the His Dark Materials universe.
Remarks: Every HDM fan has to write a crossover for their other fandoms, right? I actually had a lot of fun doing this. For record's sake: Washington, bat-eared fox; York, northern mockingbird; Wyoming / Gannett, emperor tamarin.

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Title: What She Isn't
Rating: PG 13+
Series: Red Vs Blue (Connecticut, Texas)
Wordcount: 286
Warnings: Spoilers to the beginning of season nine, intensely pretentious.
Summary: AU - what if CT had gotten through to Tex?
Remarks: idk

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Jan. 7th, 2013 07:53 pm
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Title: Post-Script
Rating: PG 13+
Series: Red Vs Blue (Carolina, Epsilon)
Wordcount: 1160
Warnings: Some language, big spoilers through to the end of season ten.
Summary: "Epsilon and Carolina - how did he tell her that CT was the one who had warned Tex?"
Remarks: Promptfic via Roostertumblr. It was my first go writing Carolina, and ultimately it turned out much better than I'd expected. I didn't expect to enjoy creeping into her head so much!

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Title: The Identity of Indiscernibles
Rating: PG 13+
Series: Red Vs Blue (Washington, Tucker, Caboose)
Wordcount: 2900
Warnings: Some language, spoilers through to the end of season eight.
Summary: "We kind of call the new guy Church."
Remarks: Still hopelessly attached to this fandom. This time I took a one-off joke from season ten, combined it with a running gag, and somehow got minor angst involved. Tada!

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Title: What You Are In The Dark
Rating: PG 13+
Series: Red Vs Blue (Washington, the Meta)
Wordcount: 3709
Warnings: Some language, spoilers through to the end of season six.
Summary: In the moments after the EMP goes off, Wash faces an unexpected choice.
Remarks: This is the longest thing I have ever completed and it's machinima fanfiction in which very little happens asdfjghjhk the extent to which my brain is terrible cannot be defined.

the emp lit up, and wash's lights went out )

ten steps

Jun. 29th, 2012 04:30 pm
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Title: Ten Steps
Rating: PG 13+
Series: Red Vs Blue (Washington, Tucker, Caboose, Doc, the Reds)
Wordcount: 2129
Warnings: Some language, great big spoilers through to the end of season eight.
Summary: It takes a little while to get used to being in a team.
Remarks: Set between seasons eight and nine. Wrote this a little while back and it turns out I still rather like it, so there you go. RvB punches my inspiration buttons in the weirdest ways considering that it started as a cynical comical machinima and is actually still that quite a lot. Also I am the straight-up worst at titles sometimes jeebers.

they are not trained to be leaders )

house rules

Apr. 7th, 2011 07:23 am
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Title: House Rules
Rating: PG 13+
Series: Red Vs Blue (Washington, Tucker)
Wordcount: 1144
Warnings: Rampant cussing and great big spoilers through to the end of season eight.
Summary: Wash learns about downtime, patience, and not killing everyone in a three mile radius.
Remarks: One part fic and three parts voice test. I've never written an RvB fic before, but the urge kicked in somethin' fierce to match my current bout of oh-that's-right-this-show-is-awesome. It feels a little bit bare bones; funnily enough, it's much easier to envisage dialogue than it is to envisage movements, possibly because for seven seasons movement was pretty limited. But hey! I had fun.


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