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Title: The Human Condition
Rating: G
Series: Bungie's Destiny
Wordcount: 311
Summary: There is purpose in pain.
Remarks: This is officially the most popular thing I have ever written. Go figure. 

Have you ever been down to watch the civilians train? Yes, of course there are some that train. Not everyone’s six generations deep behind the walls and thinking you need a Ghost before you can fire a gun.

I watched two of them kick each other for nearly an hour once. Over and over, landing the same kicks in the same places, until they could barely stand. Had to lean on each other just to be able to walk away from it. Heh. Probably some sort of allegory in that.

They do it as conditioning. Building resistance. Toughening the skin, buffering the bone, learning just how much hurt they can take while still kicking back. Pain with a purpose.

Now, you won’t see two Guardians kicking each other for an hour out of anything but a dire lack of something better to do, because it doesn’t work like that for us. Your Ghost scraped you together out of rusty pylons, a stunted bush, and the dirt your sorry carcass was half-buried under. Tomorrow you might have your entire body reduced to its sub-atomic components and wake up with bits of Cabal mingled in there. Calluses? Scars? They’re for bodies that live and grow, not raw matter reconstituted into a reliable shape.

We still need conditioning – but up here, in our heads. If being ready and willing to bruise was all it took, the Traveler wouldn’t have called us, after all. We’re here because we can go those few steps further. We can be willing to break.

So hold still this time, alright? Your mind only says ‘flinch’ because it still thinks you’re human. You’re not. You’re old cities and warm earth, and this blade isn’t going to be what unravels you for good.

Breathe through it for as long as you still have breath, and remember: there is purpose in pain.

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Date: 2016-09-26 03:50 am (UTC)
hokuton_punch: Picture of someone in space marine armor, seated, reaching into an ammo box. (marathon marine at bloody rest)
From: [personal profile] hokuton_punch
Well, it is a very good ficlet! ♥ OH GUARDIANS. We're so messed up.


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