Icons — Star Trek Novels

Sep. 22nd, 2017 06:15 pm
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I wanted an icon of Ael t'Rllaillieu, and then I got a little carried away. (I started with my favorite old TOS novels, then the ones with the prettiest covers, then the most WTF covers... I gave up when I got to the "endless floating heads" period, although there are a few of those represented here too.)

Book titles in hover text; attributions (when I could figure out who the original artist was) are at the bottom of the post.

20x Rihannsu )
55x Everything Else )
Credits )

Icons - Astronomy

Sep. 17th, 2017 11:30 pm
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I spent a long time over the weekend staring at Cassini's pictures, and then I got into an iconmaking mood.

100 icons, mostly Saturn and its moons )


Sep. 14th, 2017 10:42 pm
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ruffled blue heron sitting on a rope in ballpoint pen and tombow markers

a mouse sitting in a flowerpot with sorrel

doodle of Tykket

ballpoint pen value study of a japanese iris

wip shot of an attempted fanart of atomic blonde

portrait of a person laying on their side merging into fungi

In... order of posting, either L to R or Top to Bottom or something depending on where you're viewing this, but. (Click on them for full size.)

1. Just some random blue heron from a ref on pixabay. Turned out surprisingly well for a sketch that took about an hour, using markers I have no idea how to use with a very limited color selection.
2. My mouse on Mouse Guard is named Sorrel, and a friend of mine was talking about planting sorrel, the plant, in pots, and it just made me think of "potted Sorrel" so. I keep trying to color this and failing.
3. My Asuran mesmer on Guild Wars 2, Tykket. Someday I'll try to tackle the armor but I was just trying to work out how to customize her hair a bit to make her less generic.
4. An iris I decided to try to make a value study of using... ballpoint pen. It took me basically a full day, it was kind of ridiculous, and I regretted the decision one petal in, but it did turn out pretty neat.
5. WIP of fanart of Atomic Blonde that I'm failing to figure out how to actually color. I wanted to watercolor it, but I really am not good enough at watercolor yet and also still couldn't figure out how I actually wanted to color it, so I'm trying digital. Someday I'll finish it?
6. Left-handed drawing in ballpoint and colored pencil. Started out just as a doodle of fungi, then I got lazy about finishing the trunk and put a face on it instead.

I kind of hilariously got a couple more paints so I could have a better range of colors for watercolor and then... haven't managed to do anything.

(ETA: ughhh browser incompatibilities rendering flexbox, I'll try to fix the wrapping again tomorrow, sorry for the overflow.)
(ETA2: fixed, I think, hopefully isn't overflowing on anybody's system now... unless you're still on IE11, then I'm sorry)


Sep. 11th, 2017 10:02 am
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Anxiety tracking notes: after doing this re-framing exercise my anxiety levels are down. This will be a helpful reminder to remember next time I have a flare up.

The Last Surviving Sea Silk Seamstress
I have SO MANY FEELINGS about this woman's story. )

Friday Recs: Romances with Neurodivergent Characters

Let Me Tell You by Cecilia Tan
We can break the status quo and leave it broken into a completely new shape. This doesn’t reduce the potential power of an SF/F story: it increases it. Instead of a set of shared assumptions about “universal” setting, the SF/F writer has more control over every aspect of the reader experience. All fiction is metaphor, but in a story where the society, customs, and language are crafted rather than inherited, the reader experience of that metaphor can be all-encompassing. The reader learns powerful cultural norms and acquires the new language the same way they acquired their first one: through experience.


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