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Title: Investment and Return
Rating: G
Series: Bungie's Destiny
Wordcount: 328
Remarks: A fair while back someone in the Destiny community remarked on how strange it was that the Traveler supposedly watched countless worlds get flushed down the toilet before finally creating the Guardians, who are generally portrayed as having a decent effect against the Darkness. One possible reason kinda stuck with me.

We won’t live to see the Traveler wake.

Oh, dial down those big doe eyes. A week ago I cut the throat of a Kell still sitting pretty on her throne, I’m hardly leaving you to take up my cloak any time soon. You’d just trip over it or use it for a tablecloth or somethin’.

Let me rephrase: we can’t live and see the Traveler wake.

No, no, think about it. Where were the Ghosts when the Darkness scoured our worlds? Where were the Guardians? We’re the last bright hope against blah blah blah, but there’s no sense in holding back your secret weapon until you’ve already lost.

Billions. There were billions of us, once, and this entire galaxy was our home. We fucking lost.

My point is that even a Titan knows better. They hold, but they don’t hold back, not like that. Nobody would unless there was something else to consider – something like cost. A great, wondrous weapon with such a great, terrible cost that you hesitate and you hesitate and you don’t pull that trigger until you’re as good as dying anyway.

The Traveler sacrificed itself, right? That’s how the story goes. That’s the first thing they cram down the throat of every wobble-kneed spark clapping eyes on our glorious bauble for the first time.

I think we’re the sacrifice.

Think about it. The cryptarchs have been digging for years. Where are the stories of Golden Age warriors holding the sun in one hand and lightning in the other, of the dead rising again to lend aid? Light whispers in our ears and walks in our bodies, but it’s not in everyone and it wasn’t always there. Whose Light keeps your heart beating, sister? Whose life are we living?

And what happens to us when it decides it wants that life for its own again?

I’m just saying. Maybe you should consider what’s truly being traded when you hand those motes to the Speaker.
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