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2017-07-23 04:24 pm

generation gap

Title: Generation Gap
Rating: G
Series: Bungie's Destiny
Wordcount: 523
Summary: Guardians have never been children.
Remarks: At least partly inspired by an anecdote from my mother's years working in childcare.

lot of guardians claiming to like children )
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2017-07-14 08:19 pm

The Winding Path

Title: The Winding Path
Rating: G
Series: Bungie's Destiny (Shin Malphur, Jaren's Ghost)
Wordcount: 1186
Summary: In their pulling together of Dredgen Yor's history, the Shadows passed through Palamon. Shin notices.

the circle of broken canopy stands out )
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2017-05-14 12:28 am

like a thief in the night

Title: Like a Thief in the Night
Rating: PG
Series: Fallout: New Vegas (original characters)
Wordcount: 1922
Summary: In at least one 'verse, Larkin and Vivian don't start off on the best of footings.
Remarks: What the devil I cannot stop writing lately, and also when will I be any good at action. Viv is still Kris'.

larkin woke without knowing why )
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2017-05-13 01:00 pm

another round

Title: Another Round
Rating: G
Series: The Riders Series (Danny Fisher, Carlo Goss)
Wordcount: 2370
Warnings: Post-series, so spoilers
Summary: Years down the track, Danny gets a chance to keep an old promise.
Remarks: This goes out to the four people who commented on my last Finisterre fic, which is honestly four more than I was expecting. I really like writing for Finisterre-verse, so it's nice to think it's filling in a niche for someone. (Maybe I should try myself an actual Yuletide this year, I certainly have enough small fandoms I know I can write for.)

nerves bolstered or perhaps just numbed )
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2017-05-04 01:20 pm

night walking

Title: Night Walking
Rating: PG
Series: Fallout New Vegas AU (original characters)
Wordcount: 1156
Summary: Modern high school AU, mostly because Why Bloody Not. The working title was 'useless lesbians'.
Remarks: This is ju-u-ust shy of completion, but it might as well be stored here in the meantime. Vivian is Kris' in perpetuity, and Ryker is Gray's.

her phone buzzes sharply, three times )
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2017-05-03 07:53 pm

the clutching

Title: The Clutching
Rating: G
Series: Books of the Raksura (original characters)
Wordcount: 1419
Summary: The sister queen has clutched, and like the rest of the court a group of clutchmates have their interests.
Remarks: Last year [personal profile] syntheid  got a mutual friend and I into Martha Wells' series The Books of the Raksura (which I highly recommend if you're keen on seeing a society of matriarchal polyamorous lizard/bee shapeshifters done right). Naturally the next step was making "Raksonas" for ourselves...then making a couple extra clutchmates to round out the standard five...then inventing and populating an entire court for them to live in...

Long story short, the court of Ivory Smoke was born and I finally got hit with enough inspiration to pen something within it. I solemnly swear neither of my friends are Bright.

mellow was in her arbora form )
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2017-04-08 06:12 pm


Title: Snapshot
Rating: G
Series: Fallout: New Vegas (original characters)
Wordcount: 635
Summary: Larkin is a slightly less terrible date - but still a difficult partner for someone with long-term inclinations.
Remarks: Vivian continues to belong to Kris.

only threat to be found was in vivian's satisfied smile )
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2017-03-15 08:57 pm

treading water

Title: Treading Water
Rating: G
Series: Fallout: New Vegas (original characters)
Wordcount: 851
Summary: Larkin's just a terrible date sometimes tbh.
Remarks: Kris wrote me a thing (and then a bunch more things, good lord why are my friends all so prolific) so naturally I had to write silly little a thing in return. It's my vain hope that it's not glaringly obvious when I started running out of time and hastily flung an ending at it.

and if a horde of cazadores is on your tail? )
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2017-02-24 10:06 pm


Title: Endothermy
Rating: G
Series: Bungie's Destiny (original characters)
Wordcount: 749
Summary: In which there are some hurdles to being the only human on a fireteam.
Remarks: Pure unbridled sap, as a gift for some friends. Of course they then swung around and outsapped me by actually drawing a bit of it! Critical hit.

the wintering has settled across the world )
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2017-02-24 09:59 pm

investment and return

Title: Investment and Return
Rating: G
Series: Bungie's Destiny
Wordcount: 328
Remarks: A fair while back someone in the Destiny community remarked on how strange it was that the Traveler supposedly watched countless worlds get flushed down the toilet before finally creating the Guardians, who are generally portrayed as having a decent effect against the Darkness. One possible reason kinda stuck with me.

we won't live to see the traveler wake )
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2017-02-01 07:21 pm

home is in the ground

Title: Home is in the Ground
Rating: G
Series: Bungie's Destiny (Shin Malphur)
Wordcount: 519
Summary: It's not fun being undead.
Remarks: I wanted this to be longer, but after weeks of wrestling with it I threw a minor tantrum, slashed it down to 500 words...and decided that actually worked pretty well. Sometimes drabbling is the way to go.

shin dies for the first time )
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2016-12-20 06:40 pm


Title: Kinship
Rating: G
Series: The Riders Series (Danny Fisher, Carlo Goss)
Wordcount: 2244
Warnings: Big fat spoilers for the duology.
Summary: A few weeks after the events at Evergreen, Danny and Carlo take a ride and talk nighthorse psychology.
Remarks: Problematic fave she may be, but CJ Cherryh knows how to tickle my soft spots - between the wild frontier sci-fi blend setting, the alien not-quite-horses who thinks human minds are delicious, and the sheer vividity of the telepathic ambient she created, these books won me over big time and I couldn't help but try my hand at a bit of fic.

danny feels the question building in the ambient )
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2016-11-19 04:06 pm

when the bough breaks

Title: When the Bough Breaks
Rating: G
Series: Person Of Interest - Foster AU (Harold Finch, Nathan Ingram, the Machine)
Wordcount: 2594
Summary: When a college-aged Harold decides to take responsibility for the consequences of youthful indiscretion, he knows it's going to be a challenge - single parenthood usually is. Fortunately, Nathan takes his role as auxiliary support seriously.
Remarks: I wasn't even done with watching POI before I was commenting to the enabling wretch who got me into it that this show was begging for a foster home AU - aka my most favourite kind of AU, as you can possibly guess. So naturally the first thing I manage to write on the subject is a oneshot set 30 odd years before any foster-homing takes place. I suppose there's merit in starting from the top. (Why Aurora? Because Northern Lights.)

oh nathan, he says, i've made a terrible mistake )
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2016-10-13 06:10 pm

when someone dies abroad

Title: When Someone Dies Abroad
Rating: G
Series: Bungie's Destiny (Andal Brask, Shin Malphur)
Wordcount: 1079
Summary: Shin's arrival at the Tower is inherently bad news.
Remarks: I stole the title from a travel advisory.

andal knows immediately that there has been a loss )
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2016-09-25 06:03 pm

the human condition

Title: The Human Condition
Rating: G
Series: Bungie's Destiny
Wordcount: 311
Summary: There is purpose in pain.
Remarks: This is officially the most popular thing I have ever written. Go figure. 

ever been down to watch the civilians train? )
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2016-08-25 09:31 pm

Needful Places

Title: Needful Places
Rating: G
Series: Bungie's Destiny (Shin Malphur, Jaren Ward)
Wordcount: 3232
Summary: Jaren's back in Palamon after a longer absence than usual, and Shin has a realisation coming.
Remarks: This is still some of the nichest bullshit I have ever written, outside of original stuff knowingly written for an audience of one. At least it's a good step towards the motto of Be The Fandom You Want To See In The World or, in this particular case, Write The Sappy Found Family Formed By A Semi-Immortal Timeless Warrior And A Wide-Eyed Town Kid (Inherently Backdropped By Regretful Knowledge Of The Coming Tragedy) You Want To See In The World. Because Palamon continues have all of about five mentions in canon, I'm continuing to run with the details cobbled together for Paterfamilias.

he hears jaren's back from tate )
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2016-05-14 08:33 pm


Title: Paterfamilias
Rating: G
Series: Bungie's Destiny (Jaren Ward)
Wordcount: 2042
Summary: Shin had three fathers in his life. Two of them overlapped.
Remarks: I had a hard time pulling the pacing together and it's very talky (surprise surprise) but I think it hit the notes I meant it to.

the gunslinger cuts a sharp silhouette where he is perched )
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2016-04-12 09:19 pm

Palamon's Last

Title: Palamon's Last
Rating: G
Series: Destiny (Shin Malphur)
Wordcount: 375
Remarks: I've always found it curious Shin is referred to as a 'renegade' Hunter.

why not come to the city to join my brethren )
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2016-02-09 07:45 am

The Dead Ghost

Title: The Dead Ghost
Rating: G
Series: Bungie's Destiny (original characters)
Wordcount: 2699
Remarks: I don't even know if I agree with the premise any more, but at least it's done.

it didn't much like finding the corpses of its kin )
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2015-12-16 08:35 pm


Title: Post-Mortem
Rating: PG
Series: Bungie's Destiny (original characters)
Wordcount: 2624
Remarks: Something hammered out quickly as a gift for my Destiny mentor / babysitter earlier this year. Euclid is his, and also a huge cutie.

awareness came back to yarrow )